Welcome to Queensland Small Business Advisory (QSBA), a Brisbane based business teaming up and working alongside small business owners across the state to make magic happen!

Our purpose here at QSBA is simply this, to inspire Queensland Small Business Owners to make meaningful and sustainable impact in their lives and importantly, their businesses.

I’ll leave you to work through the website to tell you about what it is that we do and sure enough you’ll see a little about my professional background, experiences, qualifications and accreditations that qualify me to work alongside you. However, before you start your discovery, i’d like to share with you a little about me personally that will give you a background to why I’ve set up QSBA business and why I love what I do.

Born a South African, raised an Australian spending much of my childhood growing up in the suburbs of Sydney then in later years moving to Brisbane. Over the years, I often get caught between the proverbial rock and that hard place deciding allegiances to the Springbok or the Kangaroo!

Over the subsequent 25 years post St Lawrence’s College I’ve ducked and dived in and out of Queensland making my way around Australia and the world throughout the course of my career in the Royal Australian Air Force, retailing and senior executive management.

There is one thing that my travels have come to validate for me and that is nothing comes close to living in the great state of Queensland. I’ve dragged my bags, goods and chattels across Australia, Japan and United States more times than I care to remember and with every move I was secretly yearning just that little bit more to be back in the Sunshine State.

When we do start working with each other, you’ll quickly come to realise there are 4 passions in my life. Family, my partner, sailing and camping. An avid sailor, an “off the beaten track” camper and simply someone who cannot be held hostage to the confines of an office, house or building, the outdoors is where I am at my happiest.

On a slightly more “deeper” level you’ll also come to learn that the foundation on which I have built my life, how I practice as a business and executive coach and how I consult, comes from a place of understanding and appreciating our unique strengths as individuals (and those of our businesses) and bubbling these to the surface amongst all the turmoil, busyness, problems, issues and overwhelm that get in our way of tracking down success. To become our best selves (and for our businesses to thrive), we must increase our understanding of our talents and strengths.

This concept of strengths-based development is unique in its approach and outcome. It is based on the simple notion that a person’s talents do more than make him or her unique. Our greatest talents – the ways in which we most naturally think, feel, and behave, represent our innate power and potential. And let me tell you from personal experience……mastering these talents will go a long way in helping you to create one hell of an amazing Queensland Small Business.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, my business and my aspirations in working alongside Queensland Small Business owners like you.


Gavin Fielding

Managing Director | Queensland Small Business Advisory


A highly accomplished retail executive, qualified accountant and executive coach with 20+ yrs retail experience in a variety of roles including recently held senior leadership roles; Company GM (Deputy CEO), COO, CFO & Head of Commercial & Strategy in Australian family businesses both locally & abroad. Experience in businesses at varying stages of their life cycle; rapid high growth, turnaround, private equity & mature state. This experience means that Gavin is able to fully appreciate & navigate the complexities & challenges that owners & CEO’s face.

Finding his passion for leading teams in the notorious fast fashion industry Gavin moved into COO, GM / Deputy CEO roles where he has been responsible for multimillion-dollar investments in large scale, complex projects including digital transformations, overhaul of international product & merchandise strategies, leading organisations through national & international expansion, & leading their 2,500+ teams through change.

His philosophy is simply about “getting your hands dirty”. This is what sets Gavin apart. Coupled with his education, his highly varied cross functional experience & his energetic approach to everything he does is what makes him a knowledgeable and trusted resource in the field of retail.

Recognising that Australia has seen a shift in locally owned family SME’s taking on advisory boards & drawing upon the expertise of outside help, Gavin has moved into consultancy & board advisory where he can work hand in hand with family businesses. He is also a supporter of home-grown Aussie start-ups & is always on the lookout for partnering with local entrepreneurs seeking investment or advisory assistance.

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